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About: Andy - 21 - Film/Vinyl/Animation - Aspirant - NY/CT

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Graveyard Whits, by Grievance


Quick name change means a new bandcamp URL. Tell all your friends.


New music video for A Thousand Miles Away From Here directed/shot/edited by Max Moore and starring our friend Kayla Bastos.

Die On Stage is out now, go pick it up!

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I couldn’t give two shits about my heritage but it’s cool reading about my ancestors and their culture.

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Hail Mary - Tupac

Graveyard Whits, by Graveyard Whits


Friends, check out this album and download if you want. I helped some of my friends put it out and did the artwork. The genre is spoken word, but if you like anything atmospheric/emo/screamo, odds are you’ll probably enjoy listening to it.

let’s get faded

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Kendrick Lamar // Backseat Freestyle 

Life Lessons: Never have sex to “Take It To Head” on repeat ‘cause you may want to when you’re done.

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November Has Come - Gorillaz feat. MF DOOM


This is more of a draft than a release. This was written really quickly a while ago and I haven’t changed the words too much so it’s not the greatest. Feel free to throw some suggestions into my private mail.

Decimating Davis: The Story

The man, the legend

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Feel Good - Logic 

I should have took the time to understand the world
But I was just too busy tryna understand them girls
I never told anyone but I asked my ex to marry me
A couple months later the bitch buried me
And I know what y’all thinking
"Logic, there’s still hope, keep yo chin up mothafucka, ain’t no reason to mope
Plus you got a lot of money and your music is dope”
What’s all the money in the world if yo heart still broke?

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//”Word Is Bond” - Joey Bada$$ //

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Cameras / Good Ones Go | Drake

Take Care is THE Drake album.

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